Krypto-Frankenstein: why a merger between Bitcoin Cash and Dash would be terrible

Blockchains faced tough competition in 2019 – only a handful of altcoins were still in good condition. Now a new proposal has been made: a hypothetical fusion of Dash and Bitcoin Cash. Sorry?

Both coins are controversial

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Dash (DASH) have been combined into two chains that could be combined to form the “Bitcoin Dash” brand. Amanda B. Johnson, one of the better known Dash promoters and a DashInvest supervisor, suggested the idea.

The immediate reaction of the community: the connection would create an even worse situation and mix two compromised assets together.

The claim that Bitcoin Cash is superior has not found fertile ground with the crypto community. In addition to the group of convinced supporters, the “Bitcoin Cash” brand has been given the derogatory name “bcash” and is considered another Altcoin.

Bitcoin cash technology remains close to a first generation blockchain, but with the important addition of recalculating emergency issues. This prevents predatory SHA-256 miners from seizing all blocks, then leaving the chain and causing it to creep.
Dash with two-layer technology for more security

The dash network, on the other hand, is still working on its protocol and has problems with masternode security. The unique feature of the Dash project is the network of ambassadors who receive compensation for increasing DASH usage. So far, the DASH network has not managed to produce the promised email-like, human-readable addresses.

The DASH asset was further compromised because it is viewed as a pump-and-dump scheme. As a former top 5 asset, DASH has disappeared and has fallen by around 50% in 2019.

DASH fell to $ 39.95 and also crashed from 0.02 BTC in January to 0.005 BTC later in the year. Dash is also affected by an exit scam after a participant with funds that he had in custody has disappeared.

However, the two networks still face further problems. DASH, formerly Bitcoin Dark, liked to brag about its anonymity. In 2019, however, anonymous and disguised use is increasingly discouraged, and DASH users actually choose not to use the feature.

The other problem with a common network is the specific node structures of the two chains. Operating a Bitcoin cash node is resource intensive because the network aims to propagate relatively large blocks.

The Dash network, on the other hand, prefers to sell nodes – which still requires a significant investment. At peak market prices, when DASH reached $ 1,400, operating a master node was unaffordable for ordinary consumers.